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Photo Galleries

ADA Fall Fiesta and AZ State Championships

Awards Saturday EveningAwards Saturday EveningVIEW
Awards Saturday NoonAwards Saturday NoonVIEW
Awards SundayAwards SundayVIEW
Ayres 446A. Ayres and SublimeVIEW
Baker-Hutter 546P. Baker-Hutter and Woman Of WorldVIEW
Beebe 450J. Beebe and HabianVIEW
Berry 583B. Berry and Redhawk's FlorenciannaVIEW
Bill 444L. Bill and FlashVIEW
Blacker 489M. Blacker and Aul AmiraVIEW
Bowles 434L. Bowles and FameusVIEW
Bradley 586J. Bradley and Nicor la BryereVIEW
Brockbank 468M. Brockbank and Lyric of LatimerVIEW
Brookhart 562K. Brookhart and AshleyVIEW
Buchanan 487A. Buchanan and MartiniVIEW
Carlson 551C. Carlson and Doc's ColonelVIEW
Carson 542D. Carson and MerlinVIEW
Carson 543D. Carson and ZantangoVIEW
Chandler-Brown 553C. Chandler-Brown and CF AngiolettaVIEW
Combs 442M. Combs and Affen-KeeferVIEW
Coppelli 577C. Coppelli and Finders KeepersVIEW
Crinnian 448S. Crinnian and TitanVIEW
Damiano 469A. Damiano and Don AngeloVIEW
De Cesari 511L. De Cesari and PakunaVIEW
De Voe 554D. De Voe and RaphaelaVIEW
Deconcini 414J. Deconcini and Angel Of WarVIEW
Delmer 561G. Delmer and No More DramaVIEW
Denbrock 537L. Denbrock and DM Khember StarVIEW
Denbrock 538M. Denbrock and TE OmegaVIEW
Denno 557V. Denno and DigimonVIEW
Di Muro 471S. Di Muro and ShimmerVIEW
Dolan 580E. Dolan and JurisdictionVIEW
Doty 527K. Doty and FrescoVIEW
Doty 588K. Doty and KalireVIEW
Drake 518B. Drake and RileyVIEW
Eggers 439E. Eggers and WindstarrVIEW
Erickson 476T. Erickson and Sundown ChampionVIEW
Farthing 513P. Farthing and Dash Of PepperVIEW
Finnegan 447K. Finnegan and TalaraVIEW
Gasperak 506M. Gasperak and Rocky WilliamVIEW
George 481T. George and LucianVIEW
George 482T. George and MA Sign of the TimesVIEW
Gilcreest 500I. Gilcreest and New Yorks FinestVIEW
Gilliland 597M. Gilliland and Hermione NSFVIEW
Guy 532N. Guy and Wild Wych EclipseVIEW
Haney 432C. Haney and LenzVIEW
Haskell 509C. Haskell and FionaVIEW
Henderson 591C. Henderson and LexingtonVIEW
Horton 202K. Horton and Roxstar WFVIEW
Jackson 598A. Jackson and MenjoVIEW
Jacques 585A. Jacques and DebonaireVIEW
Johnson 571K. Johnson and Quintana Roo CRVIEW
Jones 461C. Jones and Pacific PatinaVIEW
Kessler 503C. Kessler and WeltesseVIEW
Kurbat 438M. Kurbat and SolanaVIEW
Langley 576T. Langley and Rubi La BelleVIEW
Leach 570R. Leach and ElysiumVIEW
Leutwyler 424S. Leutwyler and AragonVIEW
Lorenzen 547K. Lorenzen and WendoVIEW
Luffy 568B. Luffy and AugustusVIEW
Lundgren 545J. Lundgren and DorciVIEW
Maurer 569M. Maurer and Fine N DandyVIEW
McCall-Wykoff 548M. McCall-Wykoff and RainieriVIEW
McFadden 502M. McFadden and BacioniVIEW
McHenry 449E. McHenry and BailandoVIEW
McKinney 575L. McKinney and Plato En RougeVIEW
Miles 505A. Miles and SpotifyVIEW
Naas 480L. Naas and Roy-Eis Belle of the BallVIEW
Nayak 512K. Nayak and WillowVIEW
Nickerson 535L. Nickerson and WinstarVIEW
Oakes 456G. Oakes and Copper SunshineVIEW
OBrien 408M. O'Brien and Hawk of my HeartVIEW
Patton-Rich 433T. Patton-Rich and RipleyVIEW
Peabody 475M. Peabody and My-TVIEW
Pipoly 572S. Pipoly and Andalay CRVIEW
Pollack 522J. Pollack and I Wont Kiss N TellVIEW
Powers 458L. Powers and BonaparteVIEW
Powers 578S. Powers and Aegyptian GoldVIEW
Pribble 490K. Pribble and AvestoVIEW
Putty 459D. Putty and ConsolataVIEW
Radda 484T. Radda and Magical NiteVIEW
Rogers 491B. Rogers and Featuring AbigailVIEW
Rogers 563B. Rogers and RiannaVIEW
Roth 540L. Roth and Kriptonita AFVIEW
Roth 559A. Roth and DalmiroVIEW
Scotford 454K. Scotford and HeleniaVIEW
Shelly 470J. Shelly and Dona ValentinaVIEW
Southerly 453A. Southerly and MidtwayVIEW
Super 479A. Super and BlixVIEW
Surplus 520K. Surplus and MysticantareVIEW
Surplus 521K. Surplus and El Da VinciVIEW
Surplus 579K. Surplus and Santiago SFVIEW
Torres 534J. Torres and Piper's StewartVIEW
Tyler 574L. Tyler and Princess CzarinaVIEW
Vinger 472K. Vinger and Dona IsabellaVIEW
Welz 504Y. Welz and GezebellaVIEW
Yacobucci 435K. Yacobucci and VIPVIEW
Yacobucci 436K. Yacobucci and Alle In OneVIEW
Yacobucci 437K. Yacobucci and Dona RosaVIEW
Ziurys 440L. Ziurys and SylvanoVIEW
Heather Buttrum Equine Photography

Heather Buttrum Photography