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Photo Galleries

ADA Fall Fiesta and State Championships

Award 1 ContinuedSaturday noonVIEW
Awards 1Saturday at noonVIEW
Awards 2Saturday eveningVIEW
Awards 3Sunday afternoonVIEW
Aycock 649Gretchen Aycock and FrambeauVIEW
Aycock 650Gretchen Aycock and QuidditchVIEW
Baker-Hutter 620Pat Baker-Hutter and Woman of WorldVIEW
Berry 564Bobbi Berry and Redhawks FlorenciannaVIEW
Boyen 525Courtney Boyen and Alli OopVIEW
Breckner 595Jill Breckner and Cheleken RuanukuVIEW
Brookhart 624Kendall Brookhart and AshleyVIEW
Browning 524Susan Browning and RudiVIEW
Buchanan 600Anne Buchanan and Haughty PrincessVIEW
Buchanan 602Caroline Buchanan and Trail MixVIEW
Butler 609Friederika Butler and AlabamaVIEW
Carson 587Debbie Dean Carson and ZantangoVIEW
Chamberlain 572Catherine Chamberlain and GittannVIEW
Chester 648Kathleen Chester and OrcaVIEW
Coppelli 608Catalina Coppelli and Finders KeepersVIEW
Darling 552Lisa Darling and Gallod Morgan HenryVIEW
DeCesari 591Laura DeCesari and PakunaVIEW
Deconcini 521Jamie Deconcini and Angel Of WarVIEW
DeGirolamo 556Carol DeGirolamo and Up TempoVIEW
Denno 532Valerie Denno and DigimonVIEW
Doty 575Kristy Doty and Catch Me Ridin DirtyVIEW
Eggers 533Elizabeth Eggers and WindstarrVIEW
Finnegan 554Kara Finnegan and TalaraVIEW
Gasperak 545Mark Gasperak and Rocky WilliamVIEW
George 544Tami George and MA Sign Of The TimesVIEW
Gilcreest 594Ivana Gilcreest and New Yorks FinestVIEW
Gilliland 579Missy Gilliland and Chalk Hills Lord FrederickVIEW
Gilliland 617Missy Gilliland and Crown Victoria MVVIEW
Goss 621Michelle Stark-Goss and ProphecyVIEW
Grover 646Rise Grover and WynnonaVIEW
Guest 528Dana Guest and Hessel-fan-it-HiemVIEW
Haney 519Carole Haney and LenzVIEW
Haskell 635Carolyn Haskell and FionaVIEW
Hinrichs 581Quin Hinrichs and Great GrimsbyVIEW
Jackson 563Cyndi Jackson and HermesVIEW
Jackson 566Cyndi Jackson and Don AngeloVIEW
Jackson 633Cyndi Jackson and Star Struck HFVIEW
Johnson 310Katherine Johnson and AndalayVIEW
Jones 605Christy Jones and Pacific PatinaVIEW
Kurbat 615Marnie Kurbat and SolanaVIEW
Lassetter 623Caroline Lassetter and RustianoVIEW
Leach 643Reagan Leach and ElysiumVIEW
Lindley 854Debbie Lindley and MichaelangeloVIEW
Lindsten 323Taylor Lindsten and RaoulVIEW
Lindsten 574Sarah Lindsten and Action JacksonVIEW
Lonchar 645Karlie Lonchar and ElemarVIEW
Luca-Tyson 639Ashley Luca-Tyson and AnnisetteVIEW
Lundgren 590Jeanette Lundgren and DorciVIEW
Machler 582Ann Machler and Eclipse The SunVIEW
Maurer 644Maria Maurer and Fine N DandyVIEW
McFadden 517Marji McFadden and BacioniVIEW
McKee 549Bobbie Lynn McKee and WeltesseVIEW
Muller 500Trish Muller and OliverVIEW
Nickerson 537Lisa Nickerson and FenderellVIEW
O'Brien 259Molly O'Brien and Hawk of my HeartVIEW
O'Brien 593Molly O'Brien and Bam-BamVIEW
Overby 638Cecilia Overby and Guinness StoutVIEW
Parker 624Jennifer Parker and ConsolataVIEW
Parmentier 540Mary Jane Parmentier and FleetwoodVIEW
Peabody 560Meredith Peabody and Not For SaleVIEW
Ptashkin 534Stephanie Ptashkin and Padua GoVIEW
Reynolds 570Jodi Reynolds and CGA DebbonheirVIEW
Riddell 577Wendy Riddell and CounselVIEW
Rogers 539Beverly Rogers and ReillyVIEW
Rogers 647Kristie Rogers and VirtuosoVIEW
Roth 520Linda Roth and Kriptonita AFVIEW
Roth 526Amy Roth and DalmiroVIEW
Roth 561Amy Roth and ChadwickVIEW
Sklar 569Laine Sklar and Paladin SFVIEW
Smart 598Lori Smart and BlixVIEW
Sparks 559Gina Sparks and Flash KVIEW
Surplus 631Kailee Surplus and Santiago SFVIEW
Tyler 637Lyn Tyler and Princess CzarinaVIEW
Watson 529Sharna Watson and Beltane KarysVIEW
Werstler 562Danielle Werstler and EleganczVIEW
Young 578Patricia Young and Shakin Her AssetVIEW
Zeidman 604Lori Zeidman and Yank The LightsVIEW
Heather Buttrum Equine Photography

Heather Buttrum Photography