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Photo Galleries

TDC March Madness

Amhowitz 507Melanie Amhowitz and Rinoeska TettieVIEW
Baker-Hutter 527Pat Baker-Hutter and Woman Of WorldVIEW
Berry 566Bobbi Berry and Redhawk's FlorenciannaVIEW
Boice 546Lynn Boice and DarioVIEW
Brookhart 89Kendall Brookhart and AshleyVIEW
Browning 506Sue Browning and RudiVIEW
Butler 575Frederike Butler and AlabamaVIEW
Cook 526Ellen Cook and Silver StarVIEW
Cook 528Ellen Cook and Woman Of WorldVIEW
DeConcini 518Jamie DeConcini and Angel Of WarVIEW
Doty 522Kristy Doty and Catch Me Ridin DirtyVIEW
Eggers 509Elizabeth Eggers and WindstarrVIEW
Emanuelson 538Debra Emanuelson and AmistadVIEW
Fahrenson 553Scarlett Fahrenson and StanleyVIEW
Finnegan 505Kara Finnegan and TalaraVIEW
Fitch 82Cassy Fitch and Flynn NoirVIEW
Gale 579Kathleen Gale and Hortensius DWVIEW
Gilliland 549Missy Gilliland and Donner RabanaVIEW
Gilliland 573Missy Gilliland and Crown Victoria MVVIEW
Goldman 567Emily Goldman and WrigleyVIEW
Gonzalez 503Delia Gonzalez and Millenium MickeyVIEW
Grover 842Rise Grover and WynnonaVIEW
Guest 574Dana Guest and Hessel-fan-it-HeimVIEW
Haskell 537Carolyn Haskell and FionaVIEW
Huber 560Francesca Huber and DividendVIEW
Jackson 542Cyndi Jackson and Risky BusinessVIEW
Kalman 508Peter Kalman and Porsche HPFVIEW
Klay 531Holly Klay and LandkoenetaVIEW
Kurbat 513Marnie Kurbat and SolanaVIEW
LaCroix 510Ray LaCroix and Chipper OneVIEW
LaCroix 511Cindi LaCroix and MarbellaVIEW
Lepire 529Michele Lepire and NakaiVIEW
Lindsten 551Sarah Lindsten and Action JacksonVIEW
Luca-Tyson 555Ashley Luca-Tysen and AnnisetteVIEW
Luca-Tyson 564Ashley Luca-Tyson and ConsolataVIEW
Luca-Tyson 85Ashley Luca-Tyson and FabianoVIEW
Mooney 570Michele Mooney and ArducVIEW
O'Brien 523Molly O'Brien and Hawk of My HeartVIEW
O'Brien 524Molly O'Brien and Bam-BamVIEW
Pulver 848Debra Pulver and TopperVIEW
Rogers 554Beverly Rogers and Featuring AbigailVIEW
Sklar 545Laine Sklar and Paladin SFVIEW
Sodowsky 515Julie Sodowsky and RugerVIEW
Tyler 572Lyn Tyler and Princess CzarinaVIEW
Watson 502Sharna Watson and Beltane KarysVIEW
Wilson 841Heather Wilson and Dare To DreamVIEW
Zimmerman 516Mary Zimmerman and Mr. WrinklesVIEW
Ziurys 840Lucy Ziurys and SylvanoVIEW
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